Meet Jamie

Jamie Price brings a lifetime of art experience to her interior design work. Training as both a watercolor and pastel artist gives her great natural vision when it comes to color, composition, balance and scale.

As an Interior Designer with 18+ years of design experience, as well as being fortunate in remodeling 2 of her own homes, she loves helping others create a space that is truly a reflection of who they are by collaborating with them for a perfect design for them. Let her be your Design Compass.

Jamie specializes in guiding homeowners through their remodeling and interior design projects from start to finish. She collaborates with them to find their unique style

She became a remodel coach and interior designer to help homeowners avoid the mistakes she made with her first remodel. She went to a local community college to gain knowledge in the Interior Design field because she loved the process so much and wanted to pursue this amazing career.

She is an advocate for their wallet and will ask the questions they didn’t know they even needed to be asking. She will ensure that everyone is heard through the design process to create home they will love. She can help as much as you want or as little as you need.

The most important thing to Jamie is building relationships with her clients. All about communication and collaboration, she understands homes are best built with everyone involved.  She assists her clients in making informed decisions on pieces everyone will love while keeping projects on time and within budget.

“I believe that people and relationships matter — and that home is where many of those relationships are formed. My passion is to do all I can to help people feel good about where and how they live. I like to think of myself as an extra set of eyes to help the project be the best it can be, as well as someone who can pull color schemes together to reflect my clients’ styles and preferences. I love to help by guiding my clients to create a space that is their vision in all phases of the design process." -Jamie

Jamie Price ​


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